Краткий технико экономический доклад об использовании аэропорта «Лаппеенранта» и 2х самолетов Saab-340 в "LENAIR OY"


ТЕХНИКО ЭКОНОМИЧЕСКИЙ ДОКЛАД. об использовании аэропорта «Лаппеенранта» и 2х самолетов Saab-340 в "LENAIR OY"


About use of airport " Лаппеенранта " and 2х planes Saab-340 in " LENAIR OY "

Executor N. Kuznetsov

the brief technics - economic report operation of 2 air courts Saab-340 Essence of the project offered(suggested) business is considered

Development of high-quality and comfortable airtransportations on the basis of leasing planes such as Saab-340 , certificated in Russia And all over the world and use of the second airport Larreenranta which is taking place At two o'clock driving from Санкт of Petersburg also concerns to Finland near to Vyborg.

The purpose of development is definition of economic feasibility of use of planes for transportation of passengers and tourist groups.

Regular and charter flights are assumed. For regular flights average loading of 70 % is entered, proceeding from this, calculation is executed with коэфф.0,9. At performance of charter and custom-made flights the income of the company can increase for 10 %, or it is possible to discount 30 % of cost of tickets.

In a basis of the executed calculations the following data are accepted.

1. Quantity(Amount) of the transported passengers in one year 182000.

2. Quantity ВС, participating in перевозках: Saab-340 pieces 2.

3. Basing is supposed in air station " ЛАППЕЕНРАНТА " in

In studies to " ТЭД! |у are determined rough капительные expenses and working costs, rough incomes are designed. Calculation is made in US dollars. The capital expenses equal 360 тыс. дол. Are determined for payment of the deposit on rent ВС for a construction of Basing of airline at airport " ЛАППЕЕНРАНТА " of basing and payment organizational and are unprofitable charges It is required Approximately 1млн. US dollars см. приложение 2).

Calculations of total operational expenses are executed in the appendix № 3, and total incomes in the appendix $ 4.

Expected profit:

At flights inside Russia and the international flights. The USA

Total capital investments at a rate of дол pay off for 4 months at flights inside Russia or at the international flights.

Thus it is necessary to take into account, that regular е flights are possible(probable) approximately in 3 months after the beginning of corporate flights.

Therefore the credit is necessary for not less than 6 months. The executed calculations confirm economic feasibility of use Saab-340 in Russia and the international flights.

The given project is based on innovative technology of use of airport " Лаппеенранта " without modernization and the organization of regular flights on the basis of leasing planes such as АТРpassengers). As have shown the lead(carried out) calculations, the project is effective even on internal lines only on 2х planes - a time of recovery of outlay less than 1 year. Further the output(exit) is planned for the international flights which will provide still the big profitableness of increase in quantity(amount) of planes.

In a settlement part. Incomes of the airport of foreign aeroclubs and airlines are not included. And business aircraft. And also incomes from not aviation activity. Which can make 60 % of net profits.

By development ТЭДа are used brief ТЭД scientific research institutes " Aeroprojects " custom-made А/О "Эрлен" № 000.

Experience of airline: книги:Н. Ашфорд " functioning of the airport ". V. G.Afanasjev " Commercial operation of air-lines.

The initial data

The annual volumes of transportations received in the settlement way are put in a basis of calculations, proceeding from 2 ВС type-ATR-42-300.

1.1. Average range of transportations is accepted = 700 kms.

1.2. The annual strike on one ж-Ж is accepted 3000 hours.

1.3. A total annual strike - 6000 hours.

1.4. Average duration of flight 490 km / hour = 1.42 hours

1.5. Rough кол-in flights 6000 : 1.42 = 4225

1.6. Normative commercial loading Saab-340 = 14..6 т

1.7. Settlement loading with the account козф. использования. Loading 0,74.6 х 0,7 = 3,2 tons

(for 100 kg 80 kg, average weight of the passenger and 20 kg of luggage, i. e. passenger loading 32 passenger for flight are taken.

1.8. Expected annual transportations 32 х 4225 flight = 135200 пасс, in one year



2.1 Cost of rent 1ВС Saab-340 2 in a month of 60 thousand $ кол-in 2 units

Capital investments for rent 2ВС 3 months of rent (depositary payment) = 360 Т $

2.2. Capital investments in development of the airport 100 Т $

2.3. Organizational, license and an overhead charge

Results: 460 т $


The cost price of 1-st летного hour

3.1. Operational expenses on ВС are determined, proceeding from рейсо a revolution (the base airport + the airport the correspondent).

The cost price is put in a basis of calculation under following clauses(articles); АВИА the PETROLEUM PRODUCTS in Russia: on 20.07.10 cost of the Hardware - 1 of 15 thousand.; for calculation we shall accept 500 $ for ton. (the average price).

Rent at the rate of 60000 $ in a month 60 $ for flight.

Servicing 133 $ for flight

The salary with charge to crew 150 $ for flight

3.2. Аэропортовские expenses on I -hour. Flight we shall take conditionally, proceeding from the analysis of developed expenses: 200 $ air navigation 73 $

3.3. Total cost price I of industrial hour, taking into account compare the charge of kerosene of 0,7 tons.

In Russia 1•0,7 + 60 + 135 + 150 + 200+дол.

3.4 Total working costs on all ВС, we use for transportation of passengers and cargoes: flights in Russia 968 х 6000 = 5808 thousand $


4.1. Incomes on I. час we shall accept at the rate of cost in 50 $ hour from the person.

For example:

Cost of flight up to Moscow by planes of Aeroflot for 1.08.2roubles.

4.2. Scheduled - the income for flight.50 х 1.6 х 32=2560

4.3. Total incomes make

At flight inside Russia 50 х 32 х 6000 = 9600 #.


5.1. Expected profit we shall define(determine) as a difference between incomes and working costs at flights:

5.1.1. Within the limits of Russia:

9,6 million - 5.8 million = 3,8 million. Дол. The USA.


6.1. =

To + п 460+0.14

Ж =---=----= 0..016 years. About 1 months.

Dr. 3.8 million.

Where to necessary the sum of the credit.

» - the rate under the credit we shall accept 10 %

Д-incomes Р - charges

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