Конспект урока английского языка на тему: «Роман "Джейн Эйр" Ш. Бронте – пример любовного романа в английской литературе»

Конспект урока английского языка на тему:

«Роман "Джейн Эйр" Ш. Бронте – пример любовного романа в английской литературе».

11-й класс


  Учитель английского языка

  МОУ «Чернавская СОШ»


  высшая кв. категория


Цели и задачи: 

    познакомить учащихся с примером любовного романа в английской литературе; ознакомить с характерными особенностями данного жанра; развитие навыков аудирования и чтения; расширение лексического запаса учащихся и развитие навыков монологической речи; расширение кругозора учащихся и повышение интереса к английскому языку и литературе.


    УМК–“SPOTLIGHT ”;  аудиокассета к данному курсу; видеофильм Jane Eyre (на английском языке); постер с изображением основных составляющих элементов романов любовно-романтического жанра

Ход урока.

Организационный момент. Песня на английском языке “Colour of the Night”и введение в тему урока. Ознакомление с любовным романом как с литературным жанром и его особенностями.. Аудирование отрывка из романа  «Джейн Эйр» .
    Работа с текстом Отработка ЛЕ
Чтение краткого содержания романа и ответы на вопросы Характеристика главных героев и самого произведения как любовного романа Просмотр отрывка из видеофильма и описание главных героев и их чувств Рефлексия.  Работа с пословицами. Подведение итогов урока. Домашнее задание.

I Этап мотивации.

Good morning, dear friends! I’m glad to see you and our guests today. So  we’ll start  watching the film and listening to  a nice song “Colours of the night”.

II Введение в тему урока

Did you enjoy the song? Oh, yes it is great. It is not accidentally that we started with this beautiful song. What is the song about? Yes, this song is about love.

So what is the theme of our lesson?

Love  (p.34)(love in English literature). We’ll talk about one of the masterpieces in the English literature-“Jane Eyre”. This novel was written in the 19 century. You know that time because you learnt Russian writers - Пушкин, Фет, Тютчев, Тургенев.  The main idea of their novels is  love and today we are speaking about love in English literature. Do you like to read books about love? I’m sure, you do, especially girls. How do we call this sort of books?

Look at the slide and choose the name of such a genre of literature:

      adventure stories   mystery stories   crime stories   horror stories   science fiction   romantic fiction   historical fiction romantic fiction

How do we call this sort of books? Yes, you are right. We call it romantic fiction.

III Ознакомление с любовным романом как с литературным жанром и его особенностями.

What are the main ingredients of romantic fiction? There is a slide that can help you to answer the question.

Pupils answer: “Romantic fiction is a book about love or a book with a romantic plot; the main characters are He and She; a couple meet and fall in love but are kept apart by outside forces or internal conflict; these are overcome and the lovers are finally united”.

Give some examples of romantic fiction. (The fairy tale “Cinderella “, “Gone with the wind” by M. Mitchell.) And  “Jane Eyre”  of course.

IV  Аудирование отрывка из романа  «Джейн Эйр» - (p.35)

    . What is the plot of the novel? What is the book about?

P:-Jane Eyre is about an orphaned girl who is brought up by her unkind aunt and then sent to an awful school. It is a story about Jane’s difficult life and her search for love and happiness.

Now we know that Bronte’s novels are autobiographical, Jane’ life was rather hard and it was similar (похожа) to Bronte’s. Today we have a chance to listen to an extract from the novel.

    Аудирование: Работа с текстом

Ex.6, p. 35

Which of the adjectives best describe John, Jane?

Cruel, educated, bad-mannered, lonely, arrogant

P.  John is cruel, bad-mannered, arrogant

P. Jane is educated, lonely

T. Prove it with the help of the text.

    Отработка ЛЕ

Ex. 3, p.35         

T - Now match the underlined words in the text with their meaning: (slide)

affection for-feeling of love - привязанность, любовь

  bewildered - confused, - смущенный, озадаченный, сбитый с толку

take one’s side against sb - support sb – поддерживать к-л,

dreading - feeling anxious (unhappy)- cтрашиться, бояться

shortly-soon –скоро, вскоре

sneaking - doing sth without being  seen or heard - крадущийся

accustomed to - used to – осваиваться, приучаться

rummage-search in a hurried way – рыться, искать

trickle-flow slowly –течь тонкой струйкой

bellowed-shout in a deep voice –кричать, вопить


0-1mistake - «5»

2-3 mistakes –«4»

4-5 mistakes  –«3»

V Развитие навыков чтения

Текст с кратким содержанием романа и ответы на вопросы

Read the Text and answer the questions

Jane Eyre is an orphan. After her parents die, she is put in the care of her aunt. She has a very hard and difficult upbringing, and eventually becomes a governess at Thornfield Hall where she is given a job of looking after the daughter of a certain Mr Rochester. Mr Rochester is a classic hero from romantic fiction. He’s dark and very angry-looking and has a bad temper but at the same time he is very attractive. In spite of Jane’s plainness, Rochester is fascinated by her. He finds her witty and full of spirit. Gradually, he falls in love with her and Jane falls in love with him. Everything looks as if it’s going to be happy but at the very last moment they are prevented from marrying when it is revealed that Rochester’s wife is not only alive, but she’s also mad, and living in the attic rooms of  Thornfield Hall.

Jane runs away and nearly dies out on the moors. Luckily, she is rescued by the Reverend St John Rivers, and later, although she is still in love with Rochester, she agrees to marry Rivers and go with him to India. She is stopped from doing this by a telepathic message from Rochester. Jane returns to Thornfield Hall to find that the house has burnt down, and that Rochester is sad and deeply depressed. He had tried unsuccessfully to save his wife from the fire, and during his attempt he had been blinded and permanently injured by the fire.

    Проверка понимания прочитанного

Ответы на вопросы:

Why was Jane sent to live with her aunt? Why did she go to Thornfield Hall? What was Mr Rochester like? What qualities attracted Rochester to Jane? Why couldn’t they get married? Why didn’t Jane die on the moors? What stopped her from going to India with St John? What happened to cause Rochester’s terrible injuries?

VI Характеристика главных героев и самого произведения как любовного романа.

Now we know the whole story of Jane. Let’s try to analyze if the novel “Jane Eyre” is a romantic fiction. Use the notes:

    a) Who are the main characters – describe them

Jane - small, plain not very pretty, with long dark hair with a parting in the middle; witty, full of spirit;

Rochester - a classic hero from romantic fiction, dark, angry-looking, has a bad temper but is very attractive

b) Has the novel got a romantic plot?

Yes, a couple meet and fall in love. Then they are kept apart but finally the lovers are united.

Several students sum up everything and make the conclusion that the book is romantic fiction.

VIII Просмотр отрывка из видеофильма

Now let’s watch the end of the film and try to describe the feelings of the main characters. What do they feel?

a) How did Jane feel?

- She was very nervous and excited –

b) Describe Rochester

- He was depressed at first - “…

Then he was surprised and excited and couldn’t believe that it was happening to him

IX Рефлексия

Работа с пословицами

Работа с электронным словарем англ. пословиц

T: - I have some proverbs. Use the dictionary of English proverbs, translate them into Russian. Which of them correspond to our lesson, our topic, books and literature. How do you understand the proverb?

Pupil 1: - It means deep feelings, encourage, persuade, if you have a lot of will you can do everything you wish. You do your best to rich the aim.

A little body often harbours a great soul

В маленьком теле часто таится великая душа

Мал золотник, да дорог.
Мала искра, да великий пламень родит.
Мал соловей, да голосом велик

After a storm comes a calm

После бури наступает затишье

Не всё ненастье, будет и красное солнышко

After dinner comes the reckoning

После обеда приходится платить

Любишь кататься, люби и саночки возить

Better be born lucky than rich

Лучше родиться удачливым, нежели богатым

Не родись красивой, а родись счастливой

Best defence is offence

Нападение — лучший вид защиты

Лучшая защита – нападение

X. Write down your home task: exercise 2 page 39


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